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Total Skills Hockey Summer Camp

Our Total Skills camp features creative and progressive drills that stress proper skating, shooting, and hockey techniques. This camp covers offensive and defensive strategies taught through a variety of challenging drills. Daily off-ice conditioning sessions focus on increasing speed and heightening agility, while chalk talks cover proper positioning.


Skating and Edges: Including proper body position, correct use of inside and outside edges, balance and agility so players can get the most power out of each stride.

Stick Handling and Crossovers: Stick handling technique, including proper hand placement, head position and location of puck on the stick. We also cover crossover technique, demonstrating the most efficient use of edges to generate maximum speed and power.

Power Turns and Backwards Skating: Proper body position and edge control while executing power turns so players can quickly and efficiently change direction. Backward strides and crossovers are also covered.

Pivots and Checking: Instruction on transitions so players can smoothly move from skating forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards without losing speed. We also introduce checking – both how to safely give and receive a check – so young players are familiar with this skill once checking becomes a regular part of their game.

Game Situation Confrontational Drills: We teach the game of hockey. Our “Game Situation” drills will focus on the Forward and Defenseman aspects of real game play. Defenseman – angling, gap control, net play, support drills, at the point, odd and even man rushes, pinning and checking. Forwards – winning the battles, attacking the triangle, power moves, tipping, odd and even man rushes, puck protection and checking. These drills will help each player understand the game and teach reaction with confidence. 4 hours of ice each day and 1 hour class room talk.


  • Players will skate a minimum of 4 hours daily
  • Off-ice conditioning including shooting
  • Chalk talks daily
  • Scrimmages
  • Daily drills
  • Team building games

Select a week for details.

*Boarding Available: 7/26, 8/2, 8/9
New Jersey Camps: 7/6, 7/13
Girls Only Camp: 8/9

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RB Hockey Summer Camp

Our 2020 Summer Hockey Camps offer each player the opportunity to develop their game to his or her top potential. We pride ourselves in producing a fun, competitive and challenging hockey camp.  Throughout the week, each player will be involved with strength training, speed training, balance work, core training, agility training, plyometrics, stretching techniques and much more. Camps take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MAThe Arenas at Woodbridge, NJ, and the Armory Ice Complex in Red Bank, NJ. We offer camps as Full Day or Half Day options, as well as Boarding Camp options for select weeks. Browse camp dates below for more information!