Hi Rob 

I wanted to applaud your insistence on commitment.  My son, Ronan, really enjoys skills and was the only kid who showed up on Halloween.  He called it the best Halloween ever as he was thrilled to get a private session with the coaches and to him it was worth missing trick or treat. 

He’s a kid with high athletic aspirations and we talk a great deal about commitment in our house.  For him to achieve his goals he needs to have this message consistently reinforced by his coaches as your voices carry authority in this area that outweighs ours.  So I simply wanted to thank you for the commitment you and the coaches show both on the ice as well as in the messaging.  Success in all aspects of life comes through willingness to focus, learn and work hard.    

Lauren S.

We enrolled him in power skating this past week. One of the best camps he has ever been in, saw a huge improvement in his skating skills!

Cheryl A.

Tristen has absolutely loved hockey camp. He loves both skating and playing but this week he comes home everyday and tells us new skills he has learned. Tristen has done Lil Bruins and an instructional program last year and also a spring hockey program with other local teams. Your program is at whole other level in terms of coaching and most importantly teaching. I have observed the professional way your coaches interact with the kids really teaching while keeping in mind that a 6 year old should also have a fun time while learning. It is because of this we would like Tristen to be part of your hockey program, he is so enthusiastic and truly loves being on the ice we only want him in a program that would build on that.

Nancy A.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having such a wonderful skills program this Spring. My daughter really enjoyed the program and was eager each week to come have fun and learn so much from your wonderful team. All of the instructors were highly skilled and passionate about the game. One of the major differences in your team from other clinics is that to a person they were not only passionate about the game but also about instructing and getting the players to reach down and get better each reach. The manner in which the coaches instructed the players was exemplary. The small groups really allowed the coaches to focus on each player and tailor the learning at the individual level.

I would particularly like to thank Mike Donavan for the job he did. When the kids made a mistake he took time to explain what they did wrong, tell them the proper way, show them the proper way and watch them execute the drills correctly. This was always followed by recognition of effort and proper execution, a fist bump and a smile.

Lauren made huge strides during the program. She wants to go to camp with you guys next summer and we’ll most definitely be back next Spring. Thanks again for your program and providing such wonderful instructors and role models like Mike.

Charles M.

When Tom Parisi told us that yours was the BEST camp in the East....that was an understatement. Thanks for following up. You're a class act.

See you next year. He wants two weeks now!

Susan S.

Good morning Mr. Barletta -

This past summer, on a recommendation and a good word from Mr. Tom Parisi, you allowed our son Max Larkin to attend your elite hockey camp. And what an amazing difference your camp has made - he looks like a totally different player on the ice and many people have commented on his level of play.

Thank you for your time! Max is already looking forward to returning to one of your camps next summer!

Jen L.

Please pass on to Rob and the staff that our daughter Alexandra had a great time at camp and felt she had improved her skills during the sessions. Alexandra is a figure skater and just started playing this year. Again we would like to extend our thanks for a great experience and she has already asked if she can attend next year!

Bob & Michelle C.

My son, Sonny, really loved your camp at Brick last week! He wants to go to Walpole for next week's camp.


I want to tell you that my kids had a great time at camp. I have told many people in our youth hockey prgram about it and how well run it was. I stayed for one morning to watch the skating drills for a bit and was very impressed. We will definitely be repeat campers!

Lauren and Mike M.

I have to say that we were first impressed by the attention to detail that your program paid at the before tryout one day clinic they ran. We were more than thrilled to learn you were coming to Brick this summer! Even though James is only 7, we also agree that it's important for him to learn the basics of skating. Just to hear the basic reminders of keep your head up, two hands on the stick, stick on the ice, etc is important for every drill. I have already seen bad habits developed without these constant reminders! I love how the entire coaching staff was committed to the kids they were with the week and loved to see the rapport they developed with all of the kids and hear about it when my son came home. He was eager to get up and go each morning! My only disappointment is we don't live closer to your program base so we could take part in these clinics more often! We will definitely be involved if you return next summer. Thank you again for the time you dedicated down the shore!

Phil and Amy S.

Thanks again for having Kevin at your camp last week. He absolutely loved it, had a blast. Kept talking about trying to have "camp hands'.


My son Jake has enjoyed your camp and will definitely be back SUMMER 2016! Thank you so much, he has learned a great deal and had a BLAST!!

Sheila R.

Just wanted to let you know that Tyler's La Salle hockey team won the Rhode Island state championship tonight. Tyler was a starter and had an assist on the first goal.

Thank you for all your help through the years. Your organization helped Tyler develop into the little man that he is, and now a state champion.

Joanie G.

My wife and I always say that Erica would have never been the starting varsity goalie at Ursuline as a freshmen and then on the St. Michaels College team without having been able to play on the Walpole Lady Rebels. We always will be grateful to Cathy feeley and Cathy H. for the support we received. Coach Bill Podolsky was also a big supporter of Erica and womens’ hockey. We have watched your growth and continue to remark as to how great it is to give so many young people, (including young ladies) a great experience with so many lessons and benefits from hockey. Thanks again for all you do.

Jim R.

We went to Drills Tuesday night as walk ons it was great. Loved the defense drills you incorporated so important kept them moving! Good workout a lot of sweat! We will come again with our Defensemen next week!

Thank you 
Diane R.

Anthony absolutely loved his week at camp. This was his first time away and he didn't know anyone else at the camp. He made a ton of new friends and improved his game. He talks about camp all the time and cant wait for next summer to go again. Thank you for such a positive experience. We will be back next summer.

Thank you
Maureen C.

Thank you so much for offering your camp in Woodbridge New Jersey. My son Tommy loved your camp and has already ask to go up to Massachusetts next year. It was a great experience for him. Not only did he get some practice on the basic drills...he learned how to become a leader and mentor to the younger kids in the program. Thanks for a great experience. All the best to you and your staff.

Warm regards
Christine N.

I’m Jack’s mom. I witnessed firsthand last night how great your coaches are with the kids. He loves hockey. He plays in the driveway ALL the time and on Turner Pond with Jay in the winter. I just wanted to email you this morning to mention two of your coaches last night who were GREAT with Jack. Brian was the first to initiate with Jack to get him on the ice with just passing the puck. Brian spent several minutes with Jack just getting him out there and comfortable with all the kids around him. He was really great and Jack loved passing the puck back and forth. Then James came along and spent some time with Jack as well. Jack is still talking about how James tossed the puck way up in the air and then caught it with his stick. Jack thought that was awesome. Both Brian and James were instrumental in getting Jack out on the ice and having fun. We thanked them both last night but I just wanted to pass along their good praises to you as well. It was a great team effort! From a mom’s perspective, it was really awesome and it only took a few extra minutes of your coaches’ time to give Jack the time and patience he needed to get comfortable. Both of your guys did that and it’s very much appreciated. Jack said last night he couldn’t wait to see them again next week, so it looks like we will be giving it another try next Thursday.

Many thanks again to everyone for the extra effort!
Amy F.


Wanted to let you know Maegan had another great week at RB Hockey. She has talked a lot about the drills done the coaches and how they interact with the kids. She also explained to me about the Ice Bucket Challenge and how it is going toward the RB Foundation to help a local family. These are the things that separate RB Hockey from the others. Its not just hockey it's making long term relationships and developing skills that you will carry thru your life. Thank you your family and your RB coaching staff for what you do.

Jon H.

First year with my daughter in the hockey camp...pretty exciting!!!! Just spoke with her and she is already talking about coming back next year!!!

Kristen D.

Aidan is having an amazing week at Hockey camp! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication to these young athletes:)

Tricia L.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for this message and photo. Mike really enjoyed at the hockey school last week. He wants to go back again next summer. He liked his teachers a lot. Right now he is in Long Island, NY for a week, I will ask Mike to see if he wants to go back in August, I will keep in touch with you later.

Have a great summer, 
Patricia C.

If it were not for Rob Barlettta, Paul and John Marino would likely not have had the successes they are both enjoying right now. Their dad asked Rob Barletta 14 years ago to please allow his fraternal twin boys to do RB Skill sessions. At first, Rob was hesitant since the boys were only 3 years old but after Rob agreed, he joked that he would do all he could but he would not be responsible for changing their diapers. With that sense of humor and dedication to fulfilling his promise, Rob diligently worked the boys for years to follow as they followed him to Canton, Norfolk, Taunton and North Smithfiled, RI. doing skill sessions as often as possible. Occasionally, Rob even did a few private lessons with them as they continued to progress in their respective hockey careers. Rob inspired both boys to be good student athletes and talked about the character needed to succeed. The boys did summer camps with Rob and later played in summer leagues for NEH. Rob's message was simple as he repeatedly told them to work hard on the ice, study in school and get their homework done and oh don't forget to brush your teeth...(they loved that line) .... Over the years, the boys went on to diversify into baseball and football but the foundation for their love of the hockey was paved from those humble beginnings. Today, both Paul and John Marino are in 10th Grade at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, Mass. Paul is ranked second in his class and is the CM President for Model UN, a debate club that travels all over New England to debate United Nation topics. He was the youngest ever President of Model UN at CM. Paul plays JV Hockey for CM and is hoping to make the CM Varsity team next season. Paul works part time at the ice rink in West Roxbury and enjoys teaching hockey to younger players. Paul's younger brother by 2 minutes, John never played High School hockey choosing instead to play Juniors as a Freshman. Now as a 16 years old, John recently verbally committed to Yale University. and appears to be headed as an NHL draft choice if he continues to work hard on a daily basis. Both Paul and John always enjoy seeing Rob Barletta around the rink and have so much to be thankful for as they continue their life's journey. Rob, from all the Marino's, we thank you for your kindness and friendship over the years and have never forgotten you along the way. Every story starts with a beginning and hockey wise Rob, you were that beginning.

Stay in touch and be well,
The Marino's

Hi Rob,

Thanks again for the awesome week of hockey camp and all the other fun activities. Cole and his buddies had a great time !! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Elyse C.

Rob - Thanks so much for the pictures and for facilitating such a great camp. Patrick has been looking forward to this camp all summer and he said it was even better than he thought it would be!! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Kind Regards,
Christel, Brendan and Patrick F

Hey there Rob - Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Emily had a great time at hockey camp. She, and we, loved her profile as camper of the week on Facebook. Very cool.

Wish she could go to the mini camp but we're on vacation. Summer schedule was a little rough this year. Count on both Jamie and Emily next summer though and maybe my little one too. 

Hope all is well and looking forward to seeing you around Iorio at skills and with Jamie's U-12 team.


Grenne had another great week at one of your camps. These were the highlights of her summer. Happy Fall.


I would like to personally thank you for ten great years. Kevin and Michael started ice hockey at age 8 (late by todays standard). Rob had them mid ice patiently working with them during their first summer camp. They made great strides due to your skills sessions, camps, and in house league. We will miss all the great times being part of your hockey family. As the boys depart to college in August, I want to thank you for being a part of the boys hockey memories.

Kathy L.

Well, firstly I doubt you even remember me. But to me RB Hockey was the one and only choice because it had just everything, it was a lifelong dream to play hockey in another country. And when I got my flights from London and landed in Boston I knew it was right. I was so nervous at first, but Rob and all the crew (believe me, theirs a lot of them) made it home,. And it still is to me, I still to this day think of Massachusetts with the most purest and warmest memories (almost a year and a half on). Their was a standard for everyone and I never thought that id blend in so well with the guys, players from all different states coming together in a beautiful state, in fantastic accommodation, playing endless amounts of hockey in the most eye-opening rink. Is their anything better?

Now onto the aesthetics of the camp, well the coaching is WORLD class, Dave Cunniff was our mentor and that’s a AHL and maybe someday NHL coach, his knowledge of every aspect of every play is outstanding and even his mid-afternoon Q and A’s teach hockey in a depth id never experienced. Rob himself is a fun, warm, friendly guy who you feel he personally cares for each and every student, and maybe this is why the camp is nothing short of a huge success. As the week went on the camp ticked every box, theirs was a endless supply of ice on both pads for all your team training and individual practices. A hockey shop with the latest and greatest equipment. And even a trip to Connecticut to a amazing six flags theme park in midweek when the skate blisters start to come through and it just relief’s the pressure of the week perfectly. The staff alike my fellow campers where friendly and easy to get along with. The quality of hockey was outstanding, the coaching was world class, the accommodation was beautiful like the weather and, most importantly. It gave me a love and passion for the game that id never had, that week made me a better player single-handedly then the years of season I’ve been through in Britain. And i'll never be able to thank RB Hockey enough.

Yours truly,
Joe D.

Liam and Ben Reinke have stayed in touch with the roommate they ended up with last summer, Adam someone from Long Island. When they found out Adam would be playing a game 40 minutes away the boys begged for a ride to go watch him play. They hung out a bit afterwards as well to chat with him. Must be an awesome camp you're running there if the kids form friendships like that. :-)

Thank you,

I just want to thank you for this past week. AJ is just a little fish in a pond of many fish, I have to tell you at first he was so nervous, (just his nature but pushed through it). He was so tired he slept till 12 on Wednesday, (not a ride kid for six flags) I can't thank you enough for this opportunity, by the end Friday, he was doing so much better. I hope he's able to keep the endurance up, and he said he made 2 friends that weren't from here, which I LOVE to hear.

You have always been good to us, Thank you, and Bill Ladd is the best coach for AJ, he loves him dearly, and works hard all the time. He may not be a superstar in the NHL's eyes, but he sure is in my eyes!!!

Thank you, 
Nancy P.

Hi Coach Bubba, Chrissy and Rob

We are just completing the summer camps with RB Hockey and wanted to send a quick note on how happy and pleased we are with your summer camp programs.

There seems to be more and more hockey choices than ever before and your program stands head and shoulders above the others.

The coaching group is fantastic they engage the kids both on and off the ice and focus on developing their skills as well as their passion for this great game of hockey.

The programs design from (small player to coach ratio), to the variety of on and off ice activities help develop both a well rounded skater, hockey player and individual.

The off ice support team is very helpful and responsive to questions & the registration system makes it easy to sign up and organize schedules.

Most importantly, the program encourages kids to work hard, play hard and have FUN.

Our son is already looking forward to next summer and RB Hockey camp. As a parent we are thankful for the coaches; their hard work, encouraging words and the positive influence on these young hockey players is priceless.

Bill D.

Hi Rob + Cathy,

Thank you very much for making Aidan's experience at camp a great one. He really enjoyed himself and found he improved his hockey.

Matt P.

I wanted to drop you both a note of appreciation as skills have concluded. As you may recall Jack Gresham (2007) (KPW program) began his organized hockey career with your orange crush MDL two year ago. He has been an active summer camp participant for the past two summers and it has made a difference in his development.

The past two winters you have been kind enough to allow him to sign up and join in skills after his fall sports concluded. The past 12 weeks have truly taken his confidence and game to the next level, as his stick handling and hands continue to improve.

Jack thoroughly enjoys your program, your coaching staff and philosophy. This is one player where you are making a difference, and it shows weekly.

As a parent, I truly appreciate you both allowing Jack to join in mid year and finding the space to make it happen. He certainly has a comfort level with the facilities, staff and friends from over the years.

We certainly look forward to signing up for future camps and clinics.

Thanks again for your dedication to the younger players and finding a way to make it work. 

See you at the rinks.

Dave G.

I just wanted to say thank you for being so accommodating this week , and making everything easy! Its so great when a place just says “yes” all the time! I really appreciated your help with the 6 flags tickets. And Jon you were too sweet to offer to have the boys do something else since they couldn’t come today. Really above and beyond. The kids also said they really enjoyed the camp and would go back! Always nice to hear.

Tara S.

Just wanted to thank you & your staff for a great job total skills 8/2-8/7 looking forward to the future at Rob Barletta's hockey school.

David, Kim, and Christian C.

I want to thank you and Clay for running a great camp. My son was at goalie camp the week of July 5th and had a terrific time. Andy isn't much of a talker normally, but he still brings up camp! He hopes to go again next year if he can save up the money. We pay for the flights, but my boys have to pay for the rest :).

Andy was the youngest goalie this season to get his JV team into the playoffs (out of 17 teams). Also, he volunteers his time as a student coach at our local rink. The first day of the new session was on Saturday. I wasn't surprised to find him wearing his camp shirt :).

I didn't know what to expect from camp. It sounded great online, but you never know... Now we do! It was a great experience and Andy looks forward to getting back sometime.

Best regards,
Kristen P.

Hi Rob

I just wanted to pass along that you run a great skills camp. The ratio is fantastic and the coaches actually explain the specific techniques involved in the skill, rather than just demonstrating.

The coaches seem to enjoy themselves too, which is nice to see. Keep up the good work!


I hope you are doing great! We had a wonderful experience with RB Hockey Camp! My very shy son who has only played soccer decided he wanted to try hockey. Being 10 and have never played hockey before I said to my husband " You can't let him play, he will get eaten up alive, hockey players are tough!' Well, my husband won that argument and my son's first experience with hockey was with the RB Hockey Camp in Woodbridge, NJ. As I worried all day about him while he was in camp, he came home beaming. He LOVED it and fell in love with the game. He had fun and the coaches were nice and kind not what I imaged as tough and mean. After the week at camp he came home begging to go away to Boston for camp!!!! What??? This shy kid now wants to go away for a week??? You may or may not remember, he did get cold feet and again RB Hockey was top notched and returned our money and completely understood. I can't thank you enough for that. Since then Daniel has done another hockey camp and said it wasn't as fun as RB Hockey Camp. He is now playing on a team and having a great time. He can't wait for next summer when he can return to RB Hockey Camp, who knows he may be ready to go to sleep away camp too! Thank you Dana and RB Hockey! You all are doing a wonderful job!!!

Many thanks,
Amy F.

The girls continually rave about what a wonderful coach you are. I'm always amazed at the amount of energy you, Anya and much of the staff give off during practice. You love your job and your passion shows. Thank you for being such a great role model to my children.

Beth T.

Best camp my son has ever been to. Spent the month of August skating and never asked for a day off. Thank you Rob Barletta and your whole staff for a wonderful experience.


Hi Rob 
I just wanted to thank you & your staff - Martha had a great time. Hope you have a wonderful last week of summer!

Ashlyn Jane Wade


Unfortunately our son, Luis, got sick, so he won't be able to come to the last day. He had a good time and I would like to specially thank you for making the kids put sun screen on at the trip ;-). I forgot that morning and he'd been a boiled lobster....so that was a really nice touch that you guys thought of that!

Christiane K.


Awesome job by you, your staff and the kids with the ice bucket challenge.

Thanks again
Scott C.

Fantastic program. We'll be back next summer. Thank you!

Kate M.

Anthony had a blast and learned a lot. Thanks so much. He is already planning on next year.

Maureen C.

Jacqueline just finished her 7th season at Thayer Academy playing high school hockey since the 6th grade. She captained Thayer her junior and senior years. She also played field hockey, lacrosse and ran track. Jackie was one of RB's original participants in the girls only
overnight camps, played for various tournament teams for us and was a fixture here during the summers. She began with us as a 6 year old participating in Sunday night skills. She will be playing hockey for Colby College in Maine next season.

Frank S.

Ten years ago our daughter, Natasha, was new to hockey. I am from South Florida, my wife is from Southern California, and we knew nothing about hockey. Natasha was totally ignored in our local town hockey program. We brought Natasha to your Sunday clinic at the canton Sportsplex in Walpole. You took the time to work with her, and make her believe she could be a good player. She attended those clinics religously for the next 4 years. Now she is a junior in high school. She just got back from the Czech Republic playing for the US National U18 team in the World Championships, winning a silver medal. She was the only 16 year old defenseman to make the team. She also recently committed to Harvard for hockey.

I wanted to let you know you made a big difference for our daughter. She never would have made it as far as she has in hockey without your taking the time to work with a 6 year old.

Jacob R.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and guidance through the years with hockey. I think that hockey gave Jack the discipline that he needs for golf and it also gave him the mental toughness. You were always just great, Jack really enjoyed your camps and you and Chrissy were so amazing to welcome the all the boys to your house for BBQ's. So, thank you for everything and we will definitely stop in to the rink if we are in the Boston area for any tournaments. 

All the best, 

Just wanted to say I am at the learn to play and there are a lot of skaters but more importantly even more coaches. Great Job. I can see there is still individual attention even with this many skaters. Great program and thanks.

John C.


She absolutely loved camp and is very excited about the upcoming season. We were a little worried with her going to a new program and playing with new teammates, but she has told us that it was without a doubt the right move. 

Thanks for reaching out and making her feel comfortable


Hi Rob,

Luke loved the camp. This recap is very helpful and we will review this with Luke. Many thanks for Luke's first (great) sleepaway hockey experience.

Liz and Pete J.

Hey Rob,

As I am sure you see literally 1,000’s of kids in camp during a given summer, I am sure you may not remember my son, but I wanted to say thanks for the job you and your tem did with my son Ryan. He is 9 years old was in defenseman’s camp. He had a great time and got a lot out of the camp. 

He has been playing hockey since he was 4 and has done other camps, but this was definitely one of the best run that I have seen. Ryan has always liked playing defense so we wanted to find a camp that showed him more ways to use the skills he has developed. What was impressive was the progression each day through the different skills and one skill building on the next. Ryan plays for Boston Advantage and the skills are what they pride themselves on. That said, the camp took those skills and showed him some ways to apply them to playing defense. If that camp is an indication of how you run your teams, it is no wonder that you and your program have a great reputation.

Once again, thanks for the great week. We will definitely be back next summer. 

All the Best,
Larry K.

I can't tell you enough how amazing this camp makes Gina feel. You all do a wonderful job teaching and mentoring these girls. Every night Gina texts me to say hello or goodnight and then apologizes for not being in touch more! She is having a blast! WORK HER HARD!

See you soon,

Rob thank you! You run a first class operation from you to the coaches and you should be proud of what you have accomplished. Nick loved his time with you and Joe was truly proud to have had the opportunity to follow. But God has a different plan and I’m sure it’ll be great. My wife and I are proud to have a son who will always be an Express player. My sons have played for many organizations over the last 12 years and I can honestly tell you that your organization is the best and classiest. You make people feel like people and not just another check. I wish my boys could have played with the Express for many years. I hope in the future that Nick may be able to work at your camps and clinics during breaks and in the summer. Thank you and best of luck next season

Joe C.

I attended RB Hockey School last summer for the first time mainly to increase my chances on making the Catholic Memorial Middle School hockey team. My parents and I browsed through many other camps such as Pro Ambitions and O’Sullivan Hockey before we heard about RB Hockey School. Even though I was mainly on a search to become a better hockey player by intense repetitions, which all the camps offered, RB Hockey School was something different. First, it was an overnight camp, and that was all the better because I was able to get away from my parents, and second it was more than just a hockey camp. RB Hockey School was a fun way to get better at hockey, involving friends and various other activities. The fun just didn’t stop inside the rink. There was five and a half hours of ice time a day, which provided exactly what I was looking for in skills time, but there were also fun activities after ice time like a trip to Six Flags and the availability to get ice creams, and go to movies after dinner. The camp was also very inviting. It was more personal than most hockey camps, and the coaches really got to know you. I mean really. Mr. Barletta would invite the whole camp of boys staying overnight in the dorms to his house for a game of kan jam and a dip in a ninety-three degree pool. The coaches did not only want to know you off the ice, they also wanted to know you on the ice and focus on what you need to work on. Unlike most hockey camps where there are so many kids there just aren’t enough coaches to pay attention to everyone. RB Hockey School also gave you the ability to be independent and order your own dinner and play WII or watch TV or a movie with a friend without the constant, “Five more minutes!” usually said by your mother. You also learn a great deal of responsibility as you have your own key card to your room and your responsible to air out your own equipment or get your skates sharpened. But the best thing about RB Hockey School without a doubt would be the internationality. Students from Russia, Germany, and Sweden attended while I was at the camp and it is a great experience. For some of them it is their first time being in the United States and they are just about as excited as you are to meet them. When you are leaving friendship, are not lost with the kids from different countries or even with kids in the U.S. Especially thanks to Facebook, all of us can keep in touch and schedule the weeks we will be going back next year. RB Hockey School was a great experience and I recommend it to anybody and everybody looking to improve and I cannot wait to go back next year.

Sayer H.