Camp Health Care Policy

105 CMR 430.159 (B)

Our Health policy promotes preventative health care. This policy, with staff and parent cooperation, can minimize the spread of illness among the children.

In the event that your child is given medication at home that he is not required to be given at camp, it is helpful for the counselor’s to know. Often children may have reactions to medication, which alter their behavior and routine.

Prior to entering camp parents must provide a medical form with the child’s immunizations. Exams must be renewed annually.

Parents are responsible for informing the camp director in writing of any allergies that their child might have, even if it does not seem applicable in this environment.

Please keep the director informed of any changes in your child’s medical condition.

Care of Mildly Ill Campers:

  • Child will be brought to a separate area. If residential camp, child may be brought to a previously designated single room used solely for such purpose so that the child may receive adequate rest.
  • Parents will be notified to pick up the child
  • Basic first aid will be administered to keep the child comfortable until the parent arrives
  • A counselor will stay with the child at all times
  • Child will be kept away from cold rink