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Northeast Goalie Development

Welcome to Northeast Goalie Development!

The best goalies in the world are those that learn through failure. The goalies that are willing to adapt, grow and focus on development are the ones that will succeed. Northeast Goalie Development is geared toward providing an opportunity for goalies to develop their craft and learn the position in a constructive and focused environment. Goalie Coach and NGD Director Ryan Hatch teaches seven key habits using his three phase training program. 


Good balance allows for better speed, agility and control of saves. 

Quick + Powerful Feet

The more power you generate from your feet and the quicker you can get set the greater the chance for a save. 

Purposed Movement

Move with a purpose every time. Don’t waste energy with extra movement if you don’t have to. 

Focused Tracking

Track every puck to your body, to the corner, to a point on the ice every time. 

Maintaining Goalie Space

Don’t allow the play to dictate where you must make the save in the net. Put yourself in the best position to make every save. 

Purposed Save Selections

Make sure every save used is used to make the save necessary. 

Short Term Memory Loss

Goalies must understand goals will go in and the best goalies are those that can learn from their mistakes and make their next save.