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Hockey Training and Skills Sessions

Weekly Skills

  RB Hockey Skills

Our Weekly Skills Sessions are designed to keep a player skating during the season and off-season by allowing one hour of intense training a week. Players will be broken up into groups and put into stations according to their current ability. Each session players will be driven to their full capability. Instructors will demonstrate drills for specific skill development and coach each player to insure the drills are done correctly. First at half speed to master the technique then full speed, because we believe players play the way they practice. At camp we focus on skating, stickhandling, quickness and agility of each player to maximize INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL AND DEVELOPMENT.

May 7th - July 23rd   Sunday's   •   Walpole, MA   •  5 years or LESS experience   •   5:00pm - 5:50pm   •   
May 7th - July 23rd   Sunday's   •   Walpole, MA   •   5 years or MORE experience   •   6:00pm - 6:50pm   •   
No Sessions: 5/28, 7/2  /  Walk-on's ($25) based on availability  /  Dates & Times subject to change  /  FAQS 


Power Skills with Jon Lounsbury & Andy Bezeau

These Spring Power Skills will be led by former Pro, Florida Panthers Skills Coach, and Express Jr Head Coach Jon Lounsbury, as well as former Pro Andy Bezeau who is a veteran of the NHL/AHL/IHL/ECHL.

May 1st - June 5th   Monday's   •   Walpole, MA   •   PW / BTM / Jr High   •   5:50pm - 7:10pm   •   
May 4th - June 8th   Thursday's   •   Walpole, MA   •  High School   •   5:50pm - 7:10pm   •   
May 3rd - June 7th   Wednesday's   •   Walpole, MA   •  Junior/College   •   5:50pm - 7:10pm   •   
Limited to 25 skaters  /  Dates & Times subject to change  /  FAQS 

Learn To Play Hockey

  RB Hockey Learn To Play Hockey

Our Learn to Play sessions in Walpole, MA (Rodman Arena) are designed for first time hockey players. These sessions are the perfect place to start young hockey players. Players will be separated into groups based upon their age, size, previous hockey training (if any) and present abilities.

We'll focus on stops, starts, crossovers, backwards skating, stickhandling and shooting.

Our instructors establish an enjoyable learning environment which makes it easy and fun to introduce young skaters to the game of hockey. Through applied demonstrations and positive reinforcement, our programs will allow your son or daughter to improve his or her abilities as well as build character. All while having a great time!

Goalie coaches are present  •  Girls are welcomed at all sessions  •  Player "walk-ons" are welcomed for $25

May 4th - July 6th   Thursday's   •   Walpole, MA   •  Boys & Girls   •   5:00pm - 5:50pm   •   
No Sessions: 5/28, 7/2  /  Walk-on's ($25) based on availability  /  Dates & Times subject to change  /  FAQS 

Individual Skills

  RB Hockey Private Lessons

Our Individual Skills Sessions have sold out for the past 10 years running! It is the #1 session for players needing that extra attention. Top coaches working with players in very small groups on the ice.


Each week players will be asked what they need work on and drills will be customized around them. Defenseman will be doing defensive drills and forwards will be doing offensive drills. This camp is limited so sign up early.


May 4th - July 6th   Thursday's (10 sessions)   •   Walpole, MA   •   Boys & Girls (4:1 Ratio)   •   6:00pm - 6:50pm   •   
Walk-On's ($50) accepted based on availability  /  Dates & Times subject to change

Learn To Skate

The first step to playing hockey is learning to skate! The ISI WeSkate Program offered at the Rodman Arena is a beginners ice skating program for students who have not yet mastered their skating skills. It is designed to prepare skaters who wish to pursue hockey.

  • All skaters are required to wear a helmet (HECC certified hockey or bike helmet)
  • Warm clothing: mittens, water repellant pants and jacket or snowsuit
  • Skaters must also have their own ice skates. Hockey or Figure (No double runners)
  • No hockey gear allowed in this program. Gear will be part of the Learn to Play Hockey program once the skater has successfully passed their Learn to Skate program.
  • Ages 3-5 (Tots): 25 min group lesson/10 min supervised free time to practice on their own
  • Ages 6+ (Youth/Teen): 40 min group lesson w/ 10min supervised free time to practice on their own
TOTS / Ages 3-5
March 12th - May 7th   Sunday's (7 weeks)   •   Walpole, MA   •   8:00am    •   
March 12th - May 7th   Sunday's (7 weeks)   •   Walpole, MA   •   8:25am    •   
Dates & Times subject to change
YOUTH / 6+
March 12th - May 7th   Sunday's (7 weeks)   •   Walpole, MA   •   8:00am - 8:50am    •   
No Sessions: 4/9, 4/16  /  Dates & Times subject to change

Private Lessons

  RB Hockey Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are designed to engage players directly with our skilled instructors for the most personalized instruction available. Private Lessons can be scheduled during most skill session or day camp time slots as long as two to three days notice is provided to arrange the lesson. This coaching is conducted on a one on one or one on two basis with our top instructors.

Please email Rob Barletta for pricing details and more info.


  Evolution Sports Performance

Evolution Sports PerformanceIn addition to developing hockey skills on the ice, it is equally important to expose athletes to dryland training exercises to help them reach their full athletic potential.  Evolution Sports Performance, the official training provider of the Walpole Express, is conveniently located less than a quarter mile from the Rodman Arena and provides dryland training programs year-round for athletes ages 8 and up.  Their programs introduce hockey players to exercises that develop multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, balance, and coordination.

Every athlete is invited to try out a small-group training class for FREE!  These classes are grouped by age and are offered Monday through Saturday. Email Evolution for more details.

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