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Summer Hockey Camps and Mini Camps

High School Conditioning

November 20th, 21st, 22nd, & 24th

This year go into your high school tryouts well prepared. The Express staff have written an intense 4-day curriculum to challenge, condition, and prepare each player for their High School season.

The Express coaches are former Pro and D1 college athletes who have helped over 200 players to fulfill their dreams of playing college hockey. Visit our website at WalpoleExpress.com to learn more about the staff and view our college commitment list.

Session 1  
7:10p-8:00p (Mon-Wed)   •   9:10a (Fri)   •   Walpole, MA   •   Sign Up ($195)
Session 2  
8:10p-9:00p (Mon-Wed)   •   10:10a (Fri)   •   Walpole, MA   •   Sign Up ($195)
Girls Only  
3:00p-3:50p (Mon-Wed)   •  11:10a (Fri)   •   Walpole, MA   •   Sign Up ($150)
Walpole High Players Only
4:00p-4:50p (Mon-Wed)   •  8:10a (Fri)   •   Walpole, MA   •   Sign Up ($150)

Weekly Hockey Skills Sessions



  Hockey Mini Camp Battle

Our intense mini clinics, for boys & girls, are designed to give a player the edge in the game of hockey.

Total Skills: We will focus on all aspects of skating, high-speed stickhandling, shooting and passing, confrontational game situations, and checking.

Checking: We will focus on body positioning, angling, board play, checking techniques, open ice checking, and receiving a hit.

Power Skating: We will focus on forward/backwards skating, edge control, crossovers, power turns and take-offs. This camp will provide an opportunity for the player to improve both their power and speed of their skating and is a must for any player looking to take their game to the next level.

Private Lesson: This option is designed to decrease the player to coach ratio, and maximize your players training. We offer this each day of the week. Sign up for one, or sign up for all.

Mite Full Ice Transition Clinic: This is for Mite players who will be advancing to the full sheet next season. The clinic will include both an on-ice and off-ice portion to help players begin to understand basic positioning and rules of the game. The clinic will begin with chalk talk sessions and off-ice drills to understand positioning and basic rules. We will then take the ice for the second hour for a full ice controlled scrimmage. We will have multiple coaches on the ice and the bench to help the kids learn while playing. This will be a great opportunity for the players to learn without taking away from their skill development at practices.

Camps offered for all ages; players will be grouped accordingly. All mini camps take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA unless noted otherwise.

Unless otherwise indicated, the student to teacher ratio is 5:1. Instructors will demonstrate drills for specific skill development and coach eachplayer to insure the drills aredone correctly. Our dynamic skill sessions cover every aspect of hockey so players learning the sport develop the critical skills to play up to their potential.

Featured Coaches Jon LounsburyCos PolinoCos PolinoTom Murphy
Jon Lounsbury  •  Todd Stirling  •  Cos Polino  •  Tom Murphy

Veterans Day checking Nov 10th  Walpole, MA
•  8:00am - 9:00am   SIGN UP ($75) Limited Space Available

Veterans Day Power Skating Nov 10th  Walpole, MA
•  9:00am - 11:00am   SIGN UP ($175) Limited Space Available