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About RB Hockey Camps and Skills

RB Hockey is a family owned and operated training program

  Barletta Hockey Family

Rob and Chrissy Barletta established RB Hockey School in 1997 with 8 players. In 1998, two week-long day camps were held at the Max Ulin Rink in Milton, Massachusetts. By 2002 there were 30 summer camps -- each sold out -- and growing.

On top of its Massachusetts base, hockey camps were soon being offered in New York, Virginia, and Rhode Island. Every camp was selling out, and fast, but despite the dramatic demand, Rob has made a commitment to be present each week of camp. He will personally make sure each player learns and develops indispensable hockey skills.

Fast forward to 2015 RB Hockey now employees a staff of 70 and in order to ensure success, purchased the Rodman Arena (formally Iorio Arena), which is the home base for RB Hockey. Rob is still skating with the players each day while Chrissy works hard at making sure the back end of the business is running smoothly.

The family dog, Jake, is even involved in the business. Anyone who has come through the doors of Rodman Arena in the past few years knows Jake, the boxer who wanders the lobby greeting all that walk through the doors. Jake is friendly, loyal, dedicated to his family and he loves having fun. In other words, Jake exemplifies the essence of RB Hockey. For that reason, he is represented in the RB Hockey logo.

Rob and Chrissy reside in the town of Walpole, MA with their three children Sami (16), Robby (15) and Jessi (13).

Our Hockey Camps and Skills follow our RB Hockey Philosophy

Rob and his staff have developed an intense and positive learning environment. His skills and camps are not only educational but an enjoyable experience -- something that can’t be stressed enough in youth hockey. RB Hockey breaks down the player and focuses on the individual instead of the group as a whole. By doing this, he is able to expose their weaknesses and give them the confidence and ability they need to get better and excel.

It is our goal to give each player the knowledge, confidence and ability to utilize the skills we teach and to bring these skills to the game of hockey.

Each day, players will be driven to their full capability.

Instructors will demonstrate drills for specific skill development and coach each player to insure the drills are done correctly. First at half speed and then at full speed, because we believe players play the way they practice.

At camp, we focus on the technique, speed, quickness and agility of each player to maximize individual potential and development.

Coaches at RBHockey are vastly experienced, superbly trained, and extensively schooled in the ideologies and methodologies that we believe in and support.

Before instructing any players, every instructor must skate through the same series of drills that their players will be asked to do. Every one of our coaches embodies a unique style and approach, but by bringing them together and communicating our message, we are accomplishing the same goal -- Player development and enjoyment in the game of hockey.

Your confidence in our school is appreciated and it is our promise to you for 100% satisfaction when your player hits the ice.

As always, we respect and value our American heroes. All Military and First Responders receive 10% of RB Hockey programs.